Frequently Asked Questions

Roblox FPS Unlocker is a dedicated software to modify the limited frames per second in the Roblox games. It removes or disables the by default frames per second set to 60, and players can increase frames per their choice.
No, this software isn’t a cheat or a hack. It is open-source software and can be downloaded by anyone. FPS Unlocker might get flagged as an Injector by Anti-Virus but it is unlikely to have anything malicious. This software is just created to overcome the performance issues that gamers generally face while playing Roblox. It is 100% safe.
To get the FPS Unlocker, all you have to do is:
  • Visit the page.
  • Click on the Download button.
  • Make sure that you are downloading the latest version.
  • Open the downloaded file and extract the rbxfpsunlocker.exe file on the desktop. 
  • Launch the .exe file and go back into the game. 
Yes, Roblox has allowed the players to use FPS Unlocker. No moderation action is taken toward those who use this software. FPS Unlocker isn’t any advanced software or a complex setting that can affect the game or impact its performance. Above all is just a way to disable the frame limiter and v-sync to collect more FPS.
Roblox capped is because of two options - V-Sync and Frame Limiter. When V-Sync is enabled, frames aren’t allowed to get past 60, and if your PC generates more than 100 FPS, then the v-sync caps back the FPS to 60. If you try to change the frame rate, your game characters will start to fly all over the screen and causes performance issues.
No, this isn’t an exploit. As mentioned at RDC by a Roblox employee, FPS Unlocker is perfectly allowable. However, the semi-recent ban wave accidentally mistaken FPS lockers for an exploit, and therefore, it got temporarily banned. There is nothing to worry about if you use FPS Unlocker while playing Roblox, as you won’t get banned for the same.
To get the 144 FPS on Roblox, you will have to cap the FPS at the monitor's refresh rate. The refresh rate must be at 144Hz. This can be simply done by using an in-game option, i.e., Vertical Sync or V-Sync. The players can find this option in the display setting of the game.
To boost the FPS, follow these simple tips and tricks:
  1. Download Roblox FPS Unlocker software, i.e., FPS Unlocker.
  2. Reduce the screen resolution.
  3. Get your graphics card driver updated.
  4. Amend the game’s video settings
  5. Overclock your Graphics Processor Unit (GPU)
  6. Use PC optimization software.
  7. Enable game mode in Window 10
  8. Make use of DLSS or other image reconstruction tools.
The answer is Yes. In specific scenarios, adding more RAM can increase FPS in games. Look, games require a particular memory to run, and the amount varies from game to play. So, if you have a low amount of memory, then yes, adding more RAM can enhance FPS and improve your game performance.
There are several reasons you are experiencing low FPS - either your computer hardware is unable to keep up with the game or your hard drive is too slow, or there is too much junk software running in the background. You might need a fast graphics card, a better CPU, or more RAM to fix the issue.
Yes. Certain games run better with more cores because they use them. In such cases, CPU’s speed is the only thing that can increase FPS. CPU might limit the frame rate if it is too slow and you’re enjoying a game that uses a heavy CPU workload. It is recommended to err on the side of an overpowered GPU.